Calibration Services
TES maintains state-of-the-art calibration facilities at their Sydney head office. We also offer a wide variety of field based calibration services covering ambient air, gas, dust, diesel particulate and other popular instruments. Our calibration facilities employ highly trained and experienced calibration technicians who work with our clients and TES support staff.

Laboratory Services

Our Sydney based laboratories offers a variety of popular and ever expanding lab based services. These facilities employ highly trained and experienced laboratory technicians who work with our clients and TES support staff. Our laboratories provide both in-house services and work with 3rd party service providers as required to support our clients.

Education & Training

A crucial part of buying any instrumentation is being able to use it properly and ideally understand how the equipment functions. In-house and onsite training is available for all of the systems and instruments TES offers.

World Class Service Facilities

TES’s manufacturing facilities are based at our head office in Sydney, Australia. These facilities are also co-located with our heavily equipped service department. Our service department employs highly trained and experienced engineers, technicians and support staff who are capable f repairing and supporting the wide variety of systems and instruments we manufacture and produce.

Installation and Commissioning 

Decades of experience in installing and commissioning dust and air monitoring systems globally have taught us that this has to be done properly. Unlike some suppliers that deliver equipment and leave it to the end user to setup, while providing little or n training , TES is a total solutions provider. TES have offices, distributors and field staff throughout Australia and the world to provide quality installation, commissioning, training and proper after sales support to our clients.

Real-Time Web Based Data Collection

Most of the world class systems & instruments TES manufactures and/or distributes have data logging capabilities, many also have remote telemetry capabilities via the 3G/4G mobile networks, satellite, RF radio or via other means. Systems can also be hard wired to monitors, displays, BMS, EMS and SCADA systems and data can be processed and collected on all sorts of fixed mobile devices.