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At Thomson Environmental Systems we strongly believe in giving back. We know how fortunate we are to live where we live and work where we work.

So for many years now we have been supporting over 10 Sponsor Children through Compassion, as well as Love Mercy Foundation and our friends in Northern Uganda.

Each year, we have a Thomson Environmental Team that enters the Sutherland-to-Surf fun run to raise money to build or repair wells in Northern Uganda and provide clean water to entire villages.

A number of our team members have also had the opportunity to visit Uganda and see first hand the impact that Love Mercy Foundation has had in empowering local women and men to become self-sufficient and provide for their families through the micro-finance loan program, Cents for Seeds.

Recently, we have been able to support Cents for Seeds in a different way! We donated two weather stations to the Cents for Seeds program to provide insight into weather patterns in the villages. This will enable the Agronomy team to educate farmer’s allowing them to plant their crop at the optimum time.

Thank you for supporting Thomson Environmental Systems with your business, your support impacts lives all the way in Northern Uganda.

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Environmental monitoring is indispensable in any industry. Apart from being mandatory for compliance with government and Good Manufacturing Practice directives, it ensures safety to humans and the environment. 

However, you need quality, reliable, and affordable devices and data logging systems to make it work. Thomson Environmental Systems (TES) brings you world-class environmental monitoring electronic devices for use across all levels of the industry.

Top Quality Environmental Monitoring Solutions for Industry

Industrial applications of environmental monitors demand high levels of accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness. When you need to deploy such a system on a large scale, the cost can also prove prohibited both in initial installation and maintenance.

TES brings you functional solutions to these problems through leading electronic equipment, custom-built solutions designed for your industry, and high-reliability systems that require minimal human supervision.

Our teams of skilled personnel are highly experienced in the installation and servicing of all kinds of environmental sensors in applications such as weather sensors, dust monitoring, continuous emission systems, and air quality monitoring systems.

New Generation Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

Thomson Environmental Solutions is privileged to offer the latest generation of air quality monitors. These are more sensitive, more weatherproof, affordable, and versatile for use in many applications. We have fixed and portable solutions, continuous data logging systems, reporting systems, and instrumentation.

Our products are trusted by governments all over the world for their reliability and accuracy. Whether you wish to rent the equipment or purchase it outright, you can trust TES air quality monitoring solutions to provide actionable data and insights over many years.

Full Range of Environmental Monitoring Systems

It is our pride to be able to offer a full range of environmental monitors covering every industry, type, and use. Some of the clients we have been privileged to serve include giants in transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and even entire governments.

Our products include sensors for roads, visibility, particulate matter, flow and velocity, weather, process, among many more. We also create custom specialised equipment for our clients, with on-site assembly and testing for complete control.

Affordable Solutions for All

From multinational corporates to small family-owned businesses, the monitoring solutions at TES cover all levels of the industry.  We are as happy to install a single particle monitor as we are when deploying a full-scale weather sensing station with logging and remote access features.

Our commitment to providing outstanding solutions means that we are always open to new technology, new designs, and new best practices. We use the best tried, tested, and approved technology in all applications. No more incidences need to happen with Thomson Environmental Solutions watching.

The TES Difference

TES is built on exceptional service, of which a large part is affordable pricing and responsive teams. While we source for the best sensors in the world, we make sure that you only pay for what you get. 

Our team is always at your disposal to help get around any issues you face. Right from product enquiries to installation, training, and maintenance, we are always happy to help. Our local team in Australia operates in five regions to bring our services closer to you:

  • NSW
  • ACT
  • QLD
  • WA 
  • VIC

No matter what your need is or your location, TES will take care of it for you. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer your company while protecting yourself and the environment.

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