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The TES Tactical Advantage

TES is proud to offer the best air quality monitors available across the globe, attested to by environmental protection authorities, councils, consultants and industry leaders.

We have carefully selected suppliers, who provide quality support and the premium products in their respective fields, allowing us to deliver the outstanding service we are known for. From efficient and honest pre-sales support, to delivery, installation, servicing and ongoing advice, TES strives to outperform competitors, maximising customer satisfaction.

Over the past decade, we’ve been developing our own world-class dust monitoring instruments, a project which has expanded into meteorological data loggers and diesel particulate monitors for global distribution.

Our complete portfolio includes;

  • Ambient gas, dust and meteorological instrumentation
  • Air quality monitoring stations with various data options
  • Continuous emissions monitoring systems for stack and process with velocity, opacity, TriboFlow, gases and data logging and reporting capability
  • Specialised equipment including laboratory equipment, SIFT-MS, liquid particle counters, FTIR and indoor air quality monitors.

For all the instruments and systems supplied, TES’ factory trained technicians are available for installation, commissioning, training, service and maintenance, and data/reporting options.

For more information, call us on 61 2 9526 8199.

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