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Thomson Environmental Systems is proud to be an Australian Sales Partner for DURAG’s Dust, Opacity and Flow monitoring products.

DURAG is a global leader in measuring and control solutions for:

  • Combustion Technology
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental and Process Data Management

DURAG offers modern technology, certified equipment and reliable services tailored to the customer’s individual requirements since 1948.

DURAG instruments precisely measure emissions from industrial plants and reliably monitor the air quality in tunnels.

In particular, DURAG solutions meet the needs of the Waste-To-Energy industry for:

Flue Gas Treatment

  • Filter Monitors
  • Dust and Opacity Monitors

Stack Monitoring

  • Dust
  • Flow
  • Mercury Analysis
  • Ambient Air Monitoring

Through its range of Grimm Aerosol Technik products, it also offers Nanoparticles Measurement System and Filter Efficiency Test Systems.

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