MesaLabs DryCal Trade-in Offer

MesaLabs DryCal Trade-in Offer

Monitoring Instruments without accurate calibration are unhelpful at best.

MesaLabs and Thomson Environmental Systems want to help you upgrade your primary calibration system to the most advanced and accurate technology available on the market today.

For a limited time, we are offering $200 off any new Defender when you trade in an old DryCal DC1, DC2, DC Lite or any Competitive Calibrator.

The trade-in can be used to upgrade to the Defender 510/520/530+ line of primary calibrators.

The Defender 530+ verifies gas flow rates in the field or lab We supply the full range of MesaLabs calibration instruments.

Additional discounts are available with multi-cell trade-ins.

How to trade in your old DryCal or Competitor Calibrator:

1. Send us the serial number and flow range of the trade-in calibrator to obtain a discounted Defender quotation along with an RMA number for the unit being utilized for the trade-in.

2. Place your purchase order for the new Defender unit of your choice.

Please note: This trade-in offer will expire March 30th, 2019.

*One for one trade-in policy on new unit discounts.

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