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Calibration Equipment

Much the same as any other device or piece of technology, measuring instruments degrade with use over time. Whatever the industry, you’re always going to be dependent on this equipment providing you with pinpoint accuracy – when inaccurate readings become a part of the equation, a lot of problems can arise with significant impacts on whether or not your regulatory obligations are being met.

Inaccurate readings can lead to your entire dataset becoming invalidated. For instance, if you have a regulatory requirement to monitor for dust, the concentration can only be calculated if the volume of air sampled is accurate – if the flow rate of your sampling device is incorrect, the volume of air will be incorrect which then causes the results for the concentration to be incorrect. In addition to this, sampling equipment that targets a specific particle size, for example PM2.5 or PM10, achieve this by using Cyclones and Impactors. Cyclones and Impactors are designed to sample a specific PM size at a specific flow rate. As the flow rate drifts over time, the cutpoint also changes, thus allowing more of the incorrect particle sizes through the inlet head. So, to ensure that you are sampling PM2.5 the flow rate must be accurate. While PM samplers have some method of flow control, you must calibrate the flow rate regularly for the sampling data to be valid.

For these types of reasons, instrument calibration becomes a crucial element of everyday, operational best-practices. Whether it be on the field or in a lab, ensuring the validity of your data is a must.

Here at Thomson Environmental Systems, we understand the importance of environmental monitoring and calibration equipment that you can consistently rely on. We offer MesaLab’s complete range of industry leading, high quality calibration equipment in Australia – whatever you need to calibrate, we guarantee you’ll find the right solution.

How Can Calibration Equipment Help?

Whenever the accuracy of a measuring device drifts, calibration equipment can identify and adjust this drift. It can assist with improving precision and ensuring that readings meet any set parameters and necessary standards.

Take the pharmaceutical industry, for instance. Medication typically requires precise gas flow measurements using a Mass Flow Controller (MFC) in order to control the pill coating process – the same goes for the wider medical industry to leak test critical medical devices such as stents and syringes. These MFC’s must be calibrated by an instrument with the correct accuracy and at a calibration frequency dictated by NATA All scientific labs rely on accurate research and findings, a minor error in a value or measurement due to a faulty instrument or typical drift can be hugely expensive and potentially dangerous.

Using a personal sampling pump with a cyclone for monitoring exposure to pollutants can mean a world of difference when it comes to your health and the health/safety of your workers too. Accurate and reliable calibration equipment for instruments that monitor air quality can not only ensure safety, but also comfort in the work environment.

These are only some of the examples of how calibration equipment is essential for any flow measuring device to be accurate. It is beneficial to every industry that rely on MFCs for manufacturing and production; from Glass Manufacturing to Semiconductor and LED, Metals Processing and even Automotive, due to the benefits that they come coupled with – better safety, cost reduction and ensuring a steady stream of revenue.

What Can Calibration Equipment Be Used for?

Our calibration equipment has quite a wide range of applications, including:

Flow Calibrators are available in a variety of technologies. Each technology operates differently, meets different standards and has unique uncertainty influences. Some of the most popular flow calibration instruments are Primary Standard piston prover calibrators,due to their intuitive operation and are not susceptible to drift as non-primary differential pressure and thermal flow elements. When it comes to your instruments flow calibration, we have the means for your peace of mind and knowing your readings are going to be spot on.

Government Air Quality Departments, National and Regional Metrology Labs, research facilities and companies from all over the planet use the tried and tested Drycal technology from MesaLabs, proving their precision, consistency and reliability.

Additionally, DryCal technology from MesaLabs is not only easy to use with an intuitive user interface with a simple push button operation, the cost of ownership is also minimal. With the DryCal calibration equipment, humidity and temperature do not affect readings as is that case with thermal calibrators and they are also gas independent, meaning that no specific factory calibration is required for special gases.

The Industries We Serve

Here at Thomson Environmental Systems, we provide premium calibration equipment for organisations spanning a host of different industries:

Whether you need a single dust monitor or full-scale air quality monitoring system, our friendly team of professionals are more than happy to help you choose and deploy the right solution.

We can assemble everything on-site and conduct thorough tests for safety and quality control, leaving no room for incidents to ever take place with the use of our products.

Speak to us today for any of your general maintenance requirements and queries as well – there’s always an expert from our team at the ready, eager to answer any questions. We also provide training to help your team maximise performance and get the most out of the equipment being deployed into your work environment.

Why Choose Us for Calibration Equipment?

At Thomson Environmental Systems, we offer ready-made calibration equipment which you can instantly put to use. We also offer custom solutions to help meet the constraints, needs and requirements of each unique situation and environment.

Our selected range provides highly durable, state-of-the-art equipment that is both reliable and versatile while our partners are some of the world’s top suppliers of air quality monitoring systems and calibration equipment. We offer technology of the highest calibre that you can trust to never let you down, compliant with all necessary industry standards and certifications for calibration, maintenance and sustainability across:

  • Dust and gas flow instrumentation
  • Ozone generating and analysing systems
  • Air and dust monitoring
  • Portable multi-gas analysers

We take great pride in our exceptional customer service, and we’re always available to offer a helping hand.

Know the kind of calibration equipment you’re after? Feel free to browse our wide selection of products directly! Not sure what solution you need in order to solve a particular problem? Feel free to reach out, our experts will help guide you through the process.

We have offices in NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, and VIC – contact us today to find out more about how we can assist.

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