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CEMTEC® is The World‘s First InSitu High Temperature O2 & CO (Combustibles) Probe for Cement Plant Rotating Kiln Inlet. The continuous measurement of oxygen and combustibles in cement plants has always been a challenge for any type of analysing probe. Up to now, it’s been nearly impossible to extract measuring gas for continuous analysing systems, because of the severe dust and wet particulate conditions. This makes any InSitu device inoperative because the probe becomes “cemented over and sealed” very quickly, resulting in extremely high maintenance costs and kiln production down time. ENOTEC has solved these problems in the cement industry with the analysing system called CEMTEC®. Now Cement plants are able to significantly reduce their maintenance costs to a fraction of their previous costs.

Mounted in a water-cooled outer jacket, the measuring probe is continuously turning +/- 90°. This keeps the gas inlet area free of cement and prevents the dust build up on the probe fi lter. Additionally, a highly effective automatic cleaning system with pressurised air ensures that the probe with its dust filter and the gas channels remain completely clean and clear.


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Paul Williams

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