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MesaLabs BGI Cyclones- Environmental

Categories: Dust & Particulate Monitors,

PM2.5 Very Sharp Cut Cyclone- VSCC
Cut Pm2.5 at 16.67 LPM
US EPA Approved PM2.5 Separator
US EPA Federal Reference Method designated

PM2.5 Sharp Cut Cyclone- SCC
Particle Cut PM2.5 at 16.67 LPM

PM1 Sharp Cut Cyclone – SCC 2.229
Particle Cut PM1 at 16.67 LPM


Ambient Monitoring

Hailey Campbell

Hailey Campbell

Sales Executive

Hi I'm Hailey, I joined the team at Thomson's in early 2018. I have a background in key account customer service and I am looking forward to assisting you with your Indoor / Calibration requirements. If there's something I can help you with, please call me at the Sydney office on 02 9526 8199 or send me a message and we will be in touch shortly! Regards, Hailey

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