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TECORA – DECS – Dioxin Emission Continuous Sampler

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DECS – Dioxin Emission Continuous Sampling – is a fixed system for Dioxins sampling of Stack emissions. DECS is an automatic sampling system, realized for permanent installation on stacks, dedicated to “long terms” Dioxins and Furans collection (PCDD/PCDF) and other POP’s.

Dioxin Emission Continuous Sampler Features

  • Sampling of PAH’s with Filter/Condenser Method and adsorbing trap on the wet gas in accordance with methods EN 1948 and USEPA 23.
  • The Control Unit can manage up to 4 Sampling Units
  • Distance between Sampling and Control Units can be up to 100mt
  • Fully automated sampling, no operator’s presence required
  • Preparation and washing operations are automatic
  • Full Remote Control via Internet or Intranet

The DECS can be easily upgraded to comply to other standards using the heated probe without stack box for solid phase and side sampling for gas phase such as for Heavy Metals, Hg and HCl.


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