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CEMTEC® has self-cleaning properties and unparalleled mechanical strength for continuous measurement for pyro process optimization in cement plants.


The CEMTEC® gas sampling probe system was developed for continuous analysis of flue gas in cement plant rotary kiln inlets and other extremely dusty, high temperature processes such as in lime plants with the goal of increasing product quality with reduced fuel usage while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions.

Particularly in view of the increasing usage of alternative fuels in rotary kilns and large combustion chambers, the on-site gas analysis has become ever more important.
In addition, stringent emission targets in cement plants in Germany, Europe, USA and other countries worldwide necessitate continuous process measurement for SNCR control for NOx  reduction.

Process temperatures up to 1400°C, dust concentrations of up to 2000 g/, high mechanical stress and ambient temperatures up to 50°C make extreme demands on any equipment. CEMTEC® unique features provide an optimal solution for uninterrupted measurement under challenging conditions as found in kiln inlet chambers.

The CEMTEC® is self-cleaning which enables continuous measurement. 95% availability of measurement during operation is reached. In addition to the InSitu sensors for oxygen and COeanalysis, extractive analyzers are supplied with dust free flue gas for measurement of e.g. SO2, NOx or CO2.

Due to its mechanical cleaning, continuous extraction and analysis of process gas is possible over a long period of time: The plunger at the gas inlet removes any deposits or blockages, keeping the gas inlet free. The patented swivel drive continuously rotates the probe in programmable intervals and prevents deformation of the probe tube and enables probe retraction at any time.


  • Cement plants
  • Lime plants
  • High temperature, high dust applications


  • 95 % availability of measurement
  • Swivel drive
  • Automated self cleaning
  • Automatic emergency retraction
  • Optional InSitu O2 / COe analysis
  • Air-Coolant or Water-Coolant probe cooling


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Technical Data

Max. flue gas temperature 1400 °C
Max . dust load up to 2000 g/m3
Fuel types Coal, oil, alternative fuels
Probe lengths up to 3350 mm
(others on request)
Probe material 1.4571
(others on request)
Probe coolant Water
Probe propulsion Pneumatic
Probe cooling method Water / water re-cooler
or  air / water re-cooler
Swivel drive ± 45 °
IP code IP54
Gas analysis InSitu: O2/COe
Extractive: SO2, NOx, CO2 etc.
Sensor accuracy O2 ± 0.2 % of O2 measured value
Sensor accuracy COe ± 5 % of range end
Measuring ranges 0 – 25 % O2  
0 – 500 ppm to 0 – 10000 ppm  CO 
(others on request)
Output signals 2 x 4 – 20 mA
Potential free contacts Limits and alarms
Cooling water up to 3000 l/h
(for water / water re-cooler)
Air pressure 7 – 9,5 bar, dry and oil free
Mains voltage 400V 3AC 50-60Hz
Weight 700 kg
(dependant on probe length and options)
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