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Enotec Comtec 600E

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Oand combustibles can be measured in wet or dry process gas with a detection limit of 1 ppm, also in combination with an ENOTEC gas sampling and conditioning system.


COMTEC® 600E is an extractive gas analyzer for measurement of oxygen and COe (the sum of unburned molecules such as carbon monoxide, methane or hydrogen). Apart from the MXP sensor for determining the content of COe, a MLT sensor which is used in all OXITEC® 5000 oxygen analyzer systems is also built into the 600E.

Because of its design, the COMTEC® 600E is practically maintenance free, with reliable and highly accurate measurements. To ensure high this level of reliability, the electronics are self-monitoring, ensuring minimal maintenance.

The analyzer design is for 19″ rack mount and can be used in combination with existing gas conditioning systems. In addition, a standalone desktop version is available for use in laboratories.


  • Petrochemical production
  • Monitoring of inert processes
  • Chemical production
  • Trace measurements of O2 and COe in N2 or water vapour.


  • Overview of calibration history
  • Low-maintenance
  • Self-monitoring
  • Sensor life expectancy on display
  • Gas tight sensor construction.


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Technical Data

O2 / COeranges 0 – 25 % O
0 to 1000 ppm COe
(others on request)
Sensor accuracy O2 better 0,2% of measured value
Sensor accuracy COe better 5% of range end
Reaction time < 0,5 s
Ambient temperature -20 °C to 55 °C
IP code IP20
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