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The Envira DS Datalogger is the most powerful and advanced system in Envira’s family of dataloggers.

Integrated in a rack mount box, it includes an advanced datalogger with simplicity and reliability as key design features.

The basic configuration includes a proprietary USB data acquisition module for 8 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs (relays), two counters for pulsed signals (e.g wind speed, rain gauges…) and six RS232 ports for digital communication. The user can add more acquisition modules to the system for additional sensors.

Optionally the system can be connected to Advantech ADAM 5000 & 6000 modules (Analog Input /output, digital input /output, counters, relays…) for data acquisition.

Intel processors and Windows 8 embedded OS for maximum performance and reliability.

The available communications options allow real time, remote monitoring of the sensors connected.

Standard specifications

  • 64 GB SDD card for data storage
  • 8 high resolution analog inputs (24 bits)
  • 6 RS232 channels for digital instruments
  • 4 DO (Relays)
  • 4 DI
  • 2 counters
  • Real time clock
  • OTA firmware upgrade
  • Rack mount enclosure Optional IP67 enclosure.

Optional expansion boards

  • 6 serial RS232 ports (up to 4 modules / 24 serial ports)
  • 8 analog inputs, 4 DI & 4 DO module (up to 8 modules / 64 AI /32 DI /32 DO)
  • Advantech ADAM modules – up to 128 modules.

Other options

  • Software Touch panel
  • 3G-LTE router
  • Windows-based SCADA system
  • UPS
  • Modbus driver (Ethernet and RTU)
  • DVD drive
  • JSON data transfer
  • LCD front panel
  • Tailored software for customer´s datacenter
  • Four hotswap bays
  • Math module for special calculations (mean, maximum, counts, WS & WD, accumulated, sigma theta. Others by request)
  • Drivers for all types of RS232 instruments (Tailored by request).


Ambient Monitoring

Stack, Process & CEMS

Tunnel & Roads Transport

Weather & Meteorology

About Envira

Envira Sostenible began in 1985 from a reorganisation of Ingenieros Asesores SA, a pioneer in environmental monitoring services for governments and corporations in Spain.

Envira began developing software in 1996 and now has 10 full-time software engineers, dedicated to engineering software for continuous monitoring of environmental parameters.

Envira’s point of difference is that its software is built from over 30 years experience in environmental monitoring and its modular design allows a high degree of flexibility and customisation.


About Envira DS

ENVIRA DS is a set of systems for real time data acquisition, management and analysis of data from air & water quality, CEMS  and meteorological monitoring networks.

This system includes.

  • Dataloggers
  • Database, on premise or at cloud servers
  • Communication drivers with the monitoring points.
  • Tools for Charting and reporting.
  • Tools for data validation.
  • Tools for calibration management.
  • Alert management.
  • Maintenance management.
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