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ENVIRA DS Data Management System

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TES have partnered with Envira, one of the world’s leading suppliers of data loggers and software and data management systems for 30 years.
ENVIRA DS and ENVIRA DS Lite is an integrated suite of client-server applications for environmental data acquisition, transmission, handling, storage, reporting and management.
With its modular design, you can scale up from a basic version (EDS Lite) to full-featured systems with custom modules for specific needs.
The Envira DS suite of applications are fully developed by the team at Envira S.A with a customer-centric approach.
ENVIRA DS retrieves the information from a variety of systems via specially-developed connecting modules.
Connectivity is a priority as Envira has connectors for a variety of commercial dataloggers, plant control system (DCS), PI, OPC or directly to the sensor devices and instruments.
MySQL database is supplied as standard but the system is also compatible with popular commercial databases such as Oracle or MS SQL server.
Envira DS has both Windows and Web browsers and multilingual support.

Modular Architecture

ENVIRA DS is based on modules (individual programs) that have a particular behaviour or functionality. We can integrate as many modules as you need, from the standard apps to others specifically designed for your needs.
The main module SCAMON is a SCADA-like application that is the center of the system and the navigation interface for the user. From this module you access the different programs of your particular package.

Envira DS Lite Modules

  • SCADB – Database manager
  • SCAGRAF – Charting utility
  • SCAPART – Reporting module
  • SCAROSA – Wind rose charts
  • SCAVAL – Data validation tool
  • SCAEXPORT – Data exporting module
  • SCAALR – Alarm reporting utility (SMS & e-mail)
  • INET – TCP-IP communication driver with digital dataloggers.

Envira DS PRO Modules

  • MULTIDRIVER – Multipurpose communication driver with external devices
  • LISTCAL – Calibration reporting tool
  • SCASAMP – Samplers/Non-continuous systems, data recording tool
  • SCAREG – Statistics module.

Web Modules

  • GESMAN – Environmental monitoring stations maintenance manager.
  • EBA Lite – Web server for environmental data visualization and reporting.(Included in Envira DS PRO)

Custom modules

One of the key benefits of Envrira DS is Envira’s ability to write cost-effective custom modules to meet your specific data handling requirements.

Standard Module Features


This is the main module of the suite. From this module the user can visualize real time and historic data and navigate to the different modules of the application to draw charts, generate reports, configure and control alarms and warnings or change configurations.
The left side of the module is the drawing area. The user can freely configure the content with unlimited number of different views, such as:

  • Area Maps showing the location of the monitoring points
  • Installation Diagrams with labels of real time monitoring of variables
  • Real time wind indicators, gauges, moving charts, etc.

The user can easily configure their screens, putting controls to a canvas with a background image of their choice.
The right side of the module includes a ribbon to run the different modules the user can access.


With the database manager, the user can configure all the elements of their monitoring system. Networks, sites, signals, users and permits. Calculated values, combining other signals or alarm thresholds can be easily achieved with this tool, all with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes.


Powerful charting utility to draw line charts from up to 8 different signals at a time.
The signals can be combined freely. You can compare data from different sensors of one station, same parameters from different stations, or even compare different parameters from different sensors.
You can store pre-configured charts of your favorite combination of signals for a fast data review.

X-Y Zoom for detailed data analysis.


With SCAPART you can create data reports configured for your requirements.
From basic data listing to complex combinations of data from different stations, the user can customize their own data reports.
The Create a Report template is as simple as adding to a list the signals you want to show in the report – enter the name of the report and save. Now you have a new customized report.
Due to the modular design of the system we can create special reports according with local regulations or users’ needs.
The reports can be printed or exported to MS Word, HTML or PDF files.


Even with intelligent instruments and dataloggers, some bad data can pass automated QA/QC controls (e.g. operator error, auxiliary systems failure, accidents…).
The SCAVAL data validation tool allows the user to manually flag any bad data, to prevent this data entering the statistic values.
With an Excel-like look you can flag individual data or series of data just clicking and dragging the area with the wrong data and selecting the corresponding flag from a list.
The user can add a commentary to explain the cause of the flag for future review and QA/QC reports.


Data can be extracted from the database with this useful and simple tool. You simply need to select the time frame, signals (from a single site or a combination of sites), data type and click export.
In a few seconds the app extracts the data from the database and creates a .csv file to work with a variety of tools like Excel, SPPS or Matlab.
You can create also files with the format used by the Open Source R-project Statistical program and libraries like OpenAir optimized for air quality studies.


This module provides Wind and Pollution rose. Extract useful information from your meteorological data by drawing any variable in your systems against wind data.


Our alarm manager allows you to configure the alarms any single user will receive in events such as Threshold Exceeded, Communication Lost or System Failure.
Each individual signal in the system can be configured to trigger an alarm.
The alarm messages may be sent by e-mail or SMS (additional hardware may be required).

Envira DS Pro Module Features


Multi-purpose driver to communicate with dataloggers, distributed control systems, analyzers or other data servers.
This module makes use of special libraries developed to communicate with third party devices using standard protocols like Modbus, FTP, SFTP, OPC or PI and devices with proprietary protocols.
In constant development, we have libraries for the most common instruments, data capture devices and dataloggers in the market.


Calibration activities can be registered and reported with this utility. (Only with compatible dataloggers).
Custom sequence programs can be added to the system and triggered at scheduled intervals.
Automated alarms can be sent when the calibration results are out of limits.


This module is intended for the import of data from samplers or non-continuous monitors to the database.
Data can be imported from Excel or text files or manually typed.
The module writes the data into the appropriate database table, so it can be managed in the same way as the rest of the data.


This module is designed to automatically compute the relevant statistics for each signal according to international, national or local regulations.
The systems include algorithms for several statistics such as mean, median, max, min, percentile, standard deviation, etc.
Other complex calculations can be added to fulfill local regulations, like air quality indexes or annual emission statistics.
The included scheduler allows this task to be executed automatically at intervals where the load of the server is low.



Gesman is a web application for maintenance management of environmental monitoring networks.
Maintenance tasks are automatically scheduled by the system and sent to the assigned technician.
Coupled to Envira dataloggers, the system can extract test variables from the analyzers to check the status of the instruments and automatically generate work orders for corrective or predictive maintenance.
Calibration management and instrument inventory is also registered by this tool.

Web visualization complement for ENVIRA DS

The users of the system can visualize real time and stored data in their own web browsers without the need to install any program on their desktops.
Each user can configure their own dashboard with the information relevant to their needs.
Charts available include Line, Wind Rose and Scatter Charts.
Data can be downloaded in CSV, Excel or PDF formats for further analysis.

Envira DS Datalogger

Version for data acquisition in monitoring sites/stations.

Data Reporting and Operation Packages are available through TES.


Ambient Monitoring

Stack, Process & CEMS

About Envira

Envira Sostenible began in 1985 from a reorganisation of Ingenieros Asesores SA, a pioneer in environmental monitoring services for governments and corporations in Spain.

Envira began developing software in 1996 and now has 10 full-time software engineers, dedicated to engineering software for continuous monitoring of environmental parameters.

Envira’s point of difference is that its software is built from over 30 years experience in environmental monitoring and its modular design allows a high degree of flexibility and customisation.


About Envira DS

ENVIRA DS is a set of systems for real time data acquisition, management and analysis of data from air & water quality, CEMS  and meteorological monitoring networks.

This system includes.

  • Dataloggers
  • Database, on premise or at cloud servers
  • Communication drivers with the monitoring points.
  • Tools for Charting and reporting.
  • Tools for data validation.
  • Tools for calibration management.
  • Alert management.
  • Maintenance management.
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