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GASMET GT5000 Terra FTIR Gas Analyzer

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The Gasmet GT5000 Terra FTIR Gas Analyzer is a portable FTIR multi-Component gas analyzer ideally suited to numerous applications involving indoor and outdoor air monitoring of non-condensing gases, including Green House Gases (GHG).

Typical applications are dynamic situations in the field including:

  • Toxic gas monitoring for emergency service personnel
  • Monitoring shipping containers
  • Soil monitoring.

50 gases can be analyzed at the same time using the supplied touch-screen tablet.

The GT5000 is ideal for on-site measurements of both organic and inorganic compounds at low concentrations in ambient air. Typical applications are industrial hygiene, emergency response and security/border protection.

  • Accounts for interferences and can identify unknown compounds
  • Can measure 50 gases simultaneously
  • Raw data is saved for post analysis
  • Library of >200 gases available for measurement and library of 5000+ for identification of unknown gases
  • Sub PPM levels possible without pre-concentration ensuring quick response time
  • Zero Calibration on clean air or Nitrogen is the only calibration required.
  • Weighs just 9.4 kgs
  • Internal battery and sample pump inside the backpack unit, makes it easy to carry on in the field.

Gasmet GT5000 can be equipped with customized equipment packages to match the user’s specific needs.

It comes with updated Calcmet software for intuitive measurement in the field – the touch screen tablet is a robust device which can be easily used with and without gloves, or by using a pen.

The new GT5000 Terra is capable of measuring over 300 gases and up to 50 gases simultaneously. It has all the advantages of FTIR technology. It is quick to setup, easy to operate and low total cost-of-ownership.


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Bronwyn Straccione

Bronwyn Straccione

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