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TECORA Isostack G4

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The TCR Tecora Isostack G4 Isostack G4 enables quality control procedures for automatic isokinetic sampling.

  • It allows Calibration traceability of each sensor and measured parameter.
  • Isostack G4 stores each calibration performed by the user and the manufacturer.
  • The report is downloadable via USB.
  • Calibration curve on 5 points for each sensor and acquired width.
  • Correction curve on 5 points programmable by customer for each sensor.
  • Allows you to adjust deviations found during recalibration.
  • Volume measurement redundancy via a mass and a volume meter
  • Autocalibration function allows you to verify the calibration of flow and volume measurement elements and eventually to adjust them to an external reference.
  • High-precision pressure sensor with thermal drift compensation.
  • Thermocouple calibration curve following ITS 90 standard.

Parameters saved on Isostack G4 Reports:

  • Instrument’s serial number
  • Sampling date/hour
  • Duct’s temperature
  • Duct’s absolute pressure
  • Flue gas velocity
  • Duct’s flow
  • Duct’s parameter
  • Sampling duration
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Sampling line pressure
  • Sampled volume
  • Nozzle’s flowrate
  • Sampler’s range
  • Isokinetic deviation
  • Heated box temperature
  • Heated probe temperature
  • Condensation bath temperature
  • Condensation bath’s gas outlet temperature


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