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TECORA Isostack G4

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The Tecora Isostack G4 offers as standard:

  • All in One or a Split version with a separate control unit in watertight case.
  • Improved response time on isokinetic due to flow measurement with the electronic mass flow measurement based on calibrated orifice of the sampling flow
  • Improved power consumption due to pump speed driven by the electronic inverter
  • Better flow performance with improved pumps by 4 and 8 m3/hrs
  • QA/QC as EPA 5, M17, M29, M23 and others
  • Full compatibility with Tecora probes
  • Features to calibrate all G4 sensors easily
  • Calibration reports available from USB download with the last calibration
  • USB interface to download data on a pen drive
  • One umbilical cable for all connections to probe
  • Compatibility to US-EPA probe suppliers
  • Flue gas condensate protection and alarm for the pump and the dry gas meter
  • Up to 6 channel configuration
  • Touch screen display
  • Numerical, bar chart, column chart and line chart display options
  • User configurable channel descriptions
  • Engineering units
  • Scaling
  • Signal smoothing
  • Alarm levels and delays.

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