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LUFFT Ceilometer CHM8k Cloud Height Monitor

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The Lufft CHM8k ceilometer is a simple, one-wavelength backscatter LiDAR. Within its operating range of up to 8 kilometers it reliably detects multiple cloud layers, cloud bases and cloud penetration depths. Excellent signal performance is achieved by a stable wavelength, narrow line width microchip. It allows an efficient daylight suppression and minimised temperature fluctuations. The used pulse energy and frequency of the laser results in a eye-safe operating mode and an instrument classification as laser class 1M product. The CH8k’s user-friendly design and easy handling, makes it ideal for unattended and continuous operation. Either being used as sophisticated aerosol research instrument or being integrated in a larger networking operation, the CHM 8k is a state-of-the-art solution for today´s manifold requirements for atmospheric research.

Features include:

  • Rugged housing and service-friendly operation
  • Robust against fogging, precipitation, freezing or overheating
  • Robust against saturation problems due to fog, low stratus clouds that can occur in single axis ceilometers
  • High accuracy and simultaneous measurements of several parameters
  • No compromises with regards to functions/ quality compared to CHM15k
  • Standard Interfaces: RS485 (ASCII communication); LAN (Web-Interface, (S-)FTP, NetTools)
  • Optional Interfaces: DSL modem, RS232 for service


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