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LUFFT NIRS31-UMB – Non Invasive Measurements Using Optical Principle

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Lufft road sensors use optical measuring principles. Without a need to install the embedded sensors, these non-intrusive multi-sensor-systems have integrated microprocessors to identify all road and runway conditions.
The measurement principle (optical/ spectroscopical): Water absorbs certain wave lengths differently. If there is a water layer on a runway or a highway, then the spectral characteristics are changed.

Measurement of surface conditions such as wet ice, snow, or frost. Dependent on the requirements of any traffic-related weather network, there is a need for embedded and/or non-invasive/ non-intrusive sensing equipment. Luffts NIRS31-UMB adds to Lufft series of pavement sensors: an intelligent sensor which is part of the pole or part of bridge surpassing the motorway. Mainly on bridges, which do not allow in all cases embedded sensors, the NIRS31-UMB is an alternative to Luffts IRS31-UMB. Microclimates that need frequent asphalt reconstruction prefer non-invasive technology as well to reduce the maintenance costs.


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