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LUFFT SHM 30 Snow Depth Sensor

Categories: Weather & Meteorological Instrumentation, Visibility and Snow Depth Sensors,

Compact, reliable and cost-efficient. The SHM 30 snow depth sensor reliably determines snow depths up to 10 meter within seconds and with millimeter precision. Based on an opto-electronic distance sensor emitting visible eye-safe laser light, the SHM 30 allows probing distances up to 30 meter to detect the surface level. Unlike snow depth sensors using ultrasonic methods, the laser distance measuring technique is independent of temperature changes. Even if the measuring process is impaired by precipitation, the SHM 30 reliably finds the snow surface due to its mode of operation. Further evaluation of the transmitted signal strength allows discrimination between snow and grass.

• Weather service
• Traffic and aviation safety, road surveillance
• Winter sport areas
• Water & energy related applications.


Tunnel & Roads Transport

Weather & Meteorology

Rasheeq Zaman

Rasheeq Zaman

National Sales and Marketing Manager

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