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MesaLabs DryCal 800 Gas Flow Calibrator

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The DryCal 800 is a positive displacement primary piston prover for gas flow measurements in either pressure or vacuum applications. It combines the accuracy of a primary standard with unequalled speed and convenience. It meets the most stringent laboratory and industrial process control requirements, making it an ideal solution.

DryCal 800: Primary Piston Prover
A positive displacement primary piston prover for gas flow measurement
• ±15% Accuracy Primary Flow Standard
• NVLAP accredited, ISO 17025
• Proven DryCal technology features a near frictionless piston and flow cell design that provides highly accurate, liquid free and reliable gas flow readings independent of the gas species measured.
• 5 interchangeable flow cells available to range from 0.5ccm to 100SLPM.
• User friendly Drycal Pro Software to view and plot data in real time and export.
• LCD touch screen
• Variable Area Gas flow meter Calibration
• Flow bench systems available for specific applications
• Integrator Pro to allow fast and accurate calibration of MFCs and MFMs
• Firmware upgrade via communication port- no disassembly required.


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