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OPTICAL SCIENTIFIC INC (OSI) – APG-815 All Precipitation Gauge

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OSi’s APG-815-DS (All Precipitation Gauge) uses proven optical scintillation technology and offers many performance and maintenance advantages over traditional tipping bucket and weighing type rain gauges.

Measurement of instantaneous precipitation rate; rainfall as light as 0.001 mm/hr. easily measured; no evaporation errors; can handle extremely high rain rates > 500mm/hr.; no
overflow or mechanical limits to worry about

  • No moving parts; operates 24/7 under harsh field conditions. No antifreeze chemicals
  • Dust / dirt on lenses does not affect measurement; ultra-low maintenance
  • Wind does not create sampling problems. Slant path rain errors are negligible.
  • RS- 232 digital output allows instant / detailed analysis of event
  • Functions in all weather; our sensors are operating on every continent year-round (including Antarctica)
  • Intelligent sensor; automatic correction and continuous internal monitoring; operates unattended
  • Low maintenance & replacement costs; no on-site monitoring needed; lasts for years
  • Flexible mounting, even on moving platforms (buoys / shipboard); nominal 12VDC power.

In addition to rain and snow water equivalent rate and accumulation the APG-815-DS report present weather codes in NWS and WMO formats. Traditional rain and precipitation gauges cannot report present weather codes.

Adaptive Heater Technology (AHT) is used to conserve power. The lens heaters are only energized when needed. This mean the APG-815-DS is appropriate for solar powered installations. Solar power combined with OSi cellular phone makes the APG® ideal for remote installations and networks.


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