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OPTICAL SCIENTIFIC INC (OSI) – OFS 2000 Optical Flow Sensor

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The OFS 2000 Optical Flow Sensor System uses optical scintillation.
System not sensitive to dirty optics / high opacity media.
System is non-intrusive to media flow.
Measurement is true cross-stack line average.
Fully meets all EPA part 60 & part 75 requirements.
Unaffected by temperature, pressure, humidity, density, path length.
Easy to install.

  • Once interconnect cable is run and ports are prepared, system can be connected, aligned and operating in less than 30 minutes DSP-based signal processing means no analog “drift”.
  • Includes built-in continuous self-test routines to warn of potential problems before the point of failure.

All models support MODBUS RTU over serial and include a built-in SD card based data logger

Available models:

  • OFS-2000 for standard stack and duct
  • OFS-2000W for exhaust stacks and ducts with wet scrubbers and long path / dirty applications
  • OFS-2000F for flares
  • OFS-2000P to report velocity/flow and particulate loading.


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