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OPTICAL SCIENTIFIC INC (OSI) OWV-300 Optical Wind & Visibility Sensor

Categories: Weather & Meteorological Instrumentation, Dust & Particulate Monitors, Flow & Velocity,

Measures Turbulence/ wind movement and atmospheric visibility over long path lengths (50-200m).
Uses combination Long Path Optical Extinction and Optical Scintillation technology.

All the electronics are housed in the OWV with a folded path being established by placing a corner cube reflector down-range at the desired distance.

OWV can distinguish between different types of visibility – fog/haze vs dust/smoke.
Provides 1D/2D and 3D wind movement as well as turbulence strength.
Can be configured for wake vortex detection at airports – tested by NASA.
Long- Term reliability, low maintenance, rugged all weather design, easy installation.

Communications – choose between RS-232 or RS-485, directly or through network via Ethernet.


Ambient Monitoring

Weather & Meteorology


Path Averaged Cross Winds 0.1 m/s to 60 m/s
Principle of operation Optical scintillation (dual channel for wind)
Heat flux / CT2 Option With optional Temperature / Pressure sensors
Turbulence / CN2 Range 1.0 x10-18 to 9.99 x10-10 m-2/3
Visibility Measurement Technique Optical extinction and variance
Power Requirements Factory selectable, 100/115/220/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 50 VA 10-24 VDC optional, 50 VA nominal
Fusing User-supplied 1.0 A slow blow (AC)
Signal Output RS-232 / RS 485 ASCII, Ethernet option
Transient Protection All power & signal cables protected
Temperature -40° to 122° F (-40° to 50° C)
Humidity 0-100%
Precipitation / Dust NEMA 4 type protection
Optical Transceiver Head Size 508 x 178 x 254 mm
Optical Transceiver Head Weight 4.54 kg
Retro-reflector Housing Size 203.2 x 203.2 x 254 mm
Retro-reflector Housing Weight 2.27 kg
Optical Path Length Single cube reflector: 50-300m; multi-cube reflector: to 600m


  • Delivers transmissometer performance without the high cost of a transmissometer
  • Able to differentiate between fog / haze and dust / smoke
  • Provides 1D / 2D or 3D wind movement data as well as turbulence (CN2) strength, option for CT2
  • Can be used in Wake Vortex detection systems
  • Long-term reliability: operates unattended 24 / 7 / 365
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged, all-weather design: designed for harsh conditions
  • Easy installation
  • Self diagnostics and Testing: continuously monitors performance and informs user of trouble.
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