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OWI-430 DSP-WIVISTM Present Weather and Visibility Sensor

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The OWI-430 DSP-WIVISTM is a fully automated instrument providing accurate visibility, present weather and precipitation measurement in a single sensor.

This sensor uses all digital signal processing (DSP) for no-drift high-accuracy results. OSi’s patented environmentally adaptive algorithms use artificial-intelligence technology derived from over 800 million field hours of real-world data from our sensors installed around the world.

The DSP-WIVISTM measures visibility and detects and quantifies rain, snow, drizzle, freezing and mixed precipitation conditions.

The –DSH model identifies whether visibility impairments are caused by haze/fog vs. dust/smoke.

The sensor is designed for year-round continuous operation in all climates from Antarctica to tropical rain forests.

OSI’s advanced weather sensors provide critical weather information to airport, highway, military, research and meteorological weather information systems all over the world with over 5000 systems fielded.

The single enclosure makes integration and installation simple. Adding the optional HIP-100 acoustic sensor provides for enhanced hail and ice pellet discrimination.

The DSP-WIVISTM is widely used by airports and regional DOT’s across the US & throughout the world.

  • Combines present weather identification, precipitation measurement and visibility into a single rugged package
  • Outstanding performance yet low cost
  • DSP based – no field calibration required
  • Advanced scintillation technology
  • Intelligent algorithms based on over 800 million hours of OSi sensor field data
  • Rugged design – field proven from tropical to sub-arctic environments
  • Easy Installation and integration
  • Reliable and low maintenance – designed for unattended operation 24/7/365
  • Unaffected by dust or buildup on lenses
  • Reports over 60 NWS / WMO codes
  • Built-in self diagnostics & test
  • Enhanced EMI and surge protection
  • True RVR reporting option available
  • Differentiates haze/fog and smoke/dust.


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