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OWI-650 Low Power LP-WIVIS Present Weather and Visibility Sensor

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The OWI-650 LP-WIVIS™ has been designed for quick deployment anywhere for battery powered or solar powered applications.

Other sensors including wind, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure may be easily added. The LP-WIVIS™ serves as both sensor and data acquisition system. No separate data acquisition system is required.

The fully automated instrument provides accurate visibility, present weather and precipitation measurement in a single sensor.

This next generation intelligent sensor uses all digital signal processing (DSP) for no-drift high-accuracy results.

OSi’s patented environmentally adaptive algorithms use artificial-intelligence technology derived from over 25 years experience and over 200 million field hours of real-world data from our sensors installed around the world.

The LP-WIVIS™ is already a low power present weather and visibility sensor but to further reduce the power requirements the LP-WIVIS™ may be operated in intermittent mode.

In intermittent mode, the sensor is automatically powered up for one minute, reports present weather and visibility measurements and then is powered down.

The heaters are independently controlled. In many environments the heaters are never powered on. Advanced detection algorithms report dew or frost on lens and control heater function.

The LP-WIVIS™ measures visibility and detects and quantifies rain, snow, drizzle, freezing and mixed precipitation conditions. The sensor is designed for year-round continuous operation in all climates from Antarctica to tropical rain forests.

Thanks to the advanced DSP electronics, the typical need for field calibration is completely eliminated.  OSi Sensors are widely used by airports and regional DOT’s across the US & throughout the world.

Rechargeable batteries, solar power kits, spread spectrum radios, and additional sensors are all available options.


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