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TEKRAN 1130 – Automated Mercury Speciation

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Tekran® offers the only system in the world capable of performing automated mercury speciation determinations. The Tekran® 1130 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a Tekran® 2537 analyzer. With a control module and collection (denuder) module, the Tekran® 1130 allows separation and pre-concentration of gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) species on an annular denuder. Using a patented thermal desorption process, GOM is converted to elemental mercury for introduction into the Tekran® 2537 analyzer. The Tekran® 1130 provides the ability to determine GOM concentrations as low as 2 picograms/m3 (0.2 ppq).


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Azlan Mirnezami

Azlan Mirnezami

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