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Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Thomson Environmental Systems (TES) offer a wide variety of custom-made solutions to meet your site-specific Continuous Emissions Monitoring requirements.
We offer Insitu, Direct extractive and Dilution extraction systems, providing reliable, low maintenance systems to meet challenging applications such as TRS, VOC, HCL and NH₃ monitoring as well as value monitoring solutions for CO, NOx, SO₂ and more.
For reliable data and operation year after year, we integrate trusted, well-known brands such as Teledyne API, DURAG, Gasmet, Optical Scientific, Enotec, Auburn Systems, Tiger Optics and other quality components.
Systems are equipped with accessories for CEMS housing and calibration; including probe spiking, system alarms, probe blow-back and options for high temperatures up to 1200-1400C, O₂ & H₂O monitoring, data collection and reporting to Australian State, US EPA and European regulations.

Systems Engineering and Integration

TES supply complete system solutions. Our team of engineers and instrument technicians are available to discuss your stack and process monitoring application, recommend equipment and design and engineer unique turnkey systems to meet your specific needs.
Our range includes unique technologies such as optical scintillation and FTIR, allowing us to measure effortlessly where measurement has not been possible before.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Insitu, Direct Extractive & Dilution Extraction Gas Analyser Systems
  • Insitu Dust/Opacity Analysers
  • Insitu Flow/Velocity Sensors
  • System Design & Integration
  • Sample Probes & Lines
  • Sample Clean Up Units
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Data Logging and Recording
  • Air-Conditioned Cabinets & Walk in Shelters.

Reliable and Durable

TES supply low maintenance, high quality gas, flow/velocity and dust/opacity monitors for the toughest on-site conditions.

Quality Assured

All system components are thoroughly tested and system operation is verified and documented during Factory Acceptance Testing.

Testing and Wiring

All wiring, labelling and plumbing is performed by experienced professionals to meet or exceed your requirements.

Parameters Measured

Gases CO CO₂ SO₂ NH₃ HF NO, NO₂, NOX
Over 300 more
Dust Opacity Dust mg/m³ Broken Bag Detection
Flow / Velocity Ultrasonic, Optical Scintillation or Pitot
Industries Served Gas & Coal Fired Power Plants Manufacturing Plants Refineries
Research Facilities Paper Mills Waste to Energy Plants
SynGas Steel Industry Food Industry
Biosolids Incinerators Thermal Oxidisers
Sewage Treatment Plants Boilers

FPI’s Single Gas Analyzer

InSitu Gas CEMS

System Features:

  • No cross-interference
  • Fast response, less than 1 second
  • Diverse optical length (0.5-20m)
  • Install base of over 8000 instruments worldwide
  • International ATEX Certified.

FPI’s Single Gas Analyser (LGA) utilises Tunable Diode Laser Absorbtion Spectroscopy (TDLAS). The LGA System can accurately measure in harsh environments and is virtually maintenance free.

Direct Extractive & Dilution Extractive Continuous Gas Analyser Systems

  • Turnkey gas monitoring systems for process and emission monitoring
  • Custom design to suit your site requirements
  • Reputation for quality systems that hold up in harsh environments, including corrosive gases such as TRS & H2S Applications
  • Locally integrated and supported

Dilution Extraction Systems utilise an eductor-style dilution probe, non-heated sample line and Teledyne API or Tiger Optics Ambient analysers, proving accurate stack gas measurements while minimising maintenance in corrosive environments.

Direct Extraction Systems offer a simple, economical option utilising heated probe, heated sample line, sample conditioning system, probe blow back (if required) and Teledyne API Medium and High Level analyser.

Gasmet FTIR analysers are also available for mutli-gas analysis.

Insitu Dust/Opacity Analysers

TES partner with various suppliers of reliable Dust and Opacity Monitors. Including:

Opacity Monitors

  • to meet US EPA PS 1 or TUV requirements

Laser Dust Monitor

  • Low maintenance, low calibration requirements, economical option
  • mg/m3 or Opacity output

Triboelectric Bag Leak and Dust Monitor

  • Bag leak detectors and solids flow monitors to monitor and measure dust, powders, and bulk solids for environmental and process control applications.

Insitu Flow/Velocity Sensors

TES offer Pitot Tube, Ultrasonic and Optical Flow Sensor technologies for Flow/Velocity Monitoring.

The Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) manufactured by OSI is a continuous flow measurement system for small and large stacks and ducts.

Advantages of Optical Scintillation flow measurement include:

  • Temperature, pressure and humidity have no impact on the measurement
  • Instrumentation is installed at a 90° angle to the gas flow, needing only one platform to access, rather than potentially two on smaller stacks
  • It is a true non-contact instrument – nothing protrudes into the stack. The instrument is very rugged, they are even installed in flare stacks! And normally there is no need for blowers unless it is a really dirty application.
  • Measurements are drift free
  • Measurement is across the entire stack (rather than one point when a pitot is used)
  • Path length and opacity do not affect the measurement
  • Compliant with US EPA 40CFR 60 and 75
  • Very low maintenance and ongoing cost of ownership (no consumables).
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