Waste-To-Energy Air Pollution Control Monitoring

WtE Plant Artists ImpressionTo meet stringent Air Pollution Control limits, Waste-to-Energy facilities require robust and reliable monitoring solutions for a wide range of analytes. We offer full turnkey solutions for Continuous Emissions Monitoring and Process Control Monitoring to meet regulatory requirements. We can assist in designing custom solutions to meet site-specific processes and requirements. We offer Insitu, Direct extractive and Dilution extraction systems, providing reliable, low maintenance systems to meet challenging applications such as TRS, VOC, HCL and NH₃ monitoring as well as fenceline monitoring for CO, NOx, SO₂ and particulates.
We integrate quality products from leading brands such as Gasmet, DURAG, Teledyne API, Enotec, Optical Scientific, Auburn Systems, Tiger Optics and FPI.  We provide solutions for CEMS housing & calibration; including probe spiking, system alarms, probe blow-back and options for temperatures up to 1200-1400C, O₂ & H₂O monitoring, data collection & reporting to Australian State, US EPA & European regulations.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Gasmet & TES CEMS

We design, install and maintain GASMET CEMS and our own customised CEMS solutions for Insitu, Direct extractive & Dilution extraction systems, providing reliable, low maintenance systems to meet challenging TRS, VOC, HCL and NH₃ monitoring applications as well as CO, NOx, SO₂ and more.

Flow & Velocity

Durag & OSI

The OFS 2000 provides accurate stack/duct/pipe line measurement with long-term reliability to US EPA 40CFR Parts 60 & 75.
DURAG D-FL 220 is suitability-tested and certified to measure velocity and volume flow of flue gas or process gas, particularly for wet and aggressive smoke emissions.





Opacity and Dust

DURAG Dust, Opacity and Flow Monitoring

The DURAG D-R 290 has been used successfully for more than 15 years in various applications as reliable and low maintenance opacity / dust monitor. Now in its 2nd generation, the D-R 290 is a certified optical transmission monitor to measure the opacity or dust concentration of flue gases with medium to high dust concentrations.



Fenceline Monitoring

AQMS & QAMS Dust monitors

Our range of QAMS Dust Monitors and Air Quality Monitoring Stations are ideal for monitoring WtE Facilities during the construction phase and for ongoing fenceline monitoring.




Dioxins & Furans


Dioxins and Furans are persistent, bioaccumulates and highly toxic at very low levels. Tecora’s DECS – Dioxin Emission Continuous Sampling – is a fixed, automatic sampling system for Dioxins and Furans sampling of Stack emissions.






Syft wide-range, realtime fenceline monitoring

Most monitoring devices can detect only a very limited range of compounds (or “parameters”). Continuous VOC measurement is unattainable for standard lab-based technologies. Syft’s SIFT-MS technology enables you to identify and take action on pollution events, reducing risk and reducing CapEx through applying a single instrument that analyzes all air pollutants.



Baghouse Leak Detection

Auburn Systems

Auburn System’s TRIBO solutions meet US EPA standards and, by automating emissions data collection and recording, eliminate the need to conduct daily visual stack inspections (EPA Methods 9 or 22 for opacity) or the daily logging of differential pressure readings for each dust collector.




Mercury Emissions & Heavy Metals

Gasmet Continuous Mercury Emissions

Gasmet’s Continuous Mercury Monitoring system (CMM) is certified for 0 to 5 µg/m3 – the world’s lowest EN15267 certified range for measurements of Mercury. Gasmet provides future-proof compliance with EU Directives, upon which Australia’s limits are based.


Data Solutions

We provide a range of data solutions via Durag and Envira to enable the long-term monitoring of Waste-to-Energy Process and Air Pollution Control systems.



Waste-To-Energy Technology

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