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Multi-Wavelength Absorption Black carbon Instrument – MABI

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The Multi-wavelength Absorption Black carbon Instrument (MABI) can determine both precisely and accurately the concentration and source of black carbon air pollution.
Black carbon is one of the most significant constituents of atmospheric fine particle pollution and has impacts on health and climate change.
Using typical aerosol filter samples, MABI measures light absorption at seven different wavelengths.
As black carbon can be emitted from a range of different sources, primarily either diesel vehicles or biomass burning, particles have a range of densities and sizes.
When the black carbon concentration equation is modified to include contributions relating to the size and density of the particles, a more accurate measurement is acquired.
Spanning ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths, the measurements can be used to differentiate the contribution from different sources.

Key features of the MABI unit

  • Small desktop size (portable)
  • Connects directly to your computer’s USB port
  • Designed specifically for typical aerosol filter samples (47mm polycarbonate, 47mm Teflon, 25mm stretched Teflon, etc.)
  • Non-destructive, filters can be further analysed with other techniques, such as Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) or X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)
  • Fast – takes less than 35 seconds to complete a 7 wavelength measurement
  • Provided with digital acquisition software.


405nm, 465nm, 525nm, 639nm, 870nm, 940nm and 1050nm

Data communication and power supply is provided to the MABI via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable

25mm and 47mm filter holders are provided
Additional filter holder sizes may be provided on request

The instrument requires a minimum of Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

Data output is provided in CSV file format, which can be easily imported into programs such as Microsoft Excel.



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